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Poster: William Tell Date: Nov 19, 2008 6:11pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Woodstock revisited...Hey Wharf!

So, set this recent recommendation from Wharf aside since I wanted to have some time to go thru it in one sitting, and have two observations: first, it is NOT as bad as I (and everyone else) have always thought (I don't know that I ever got thru it ALL though), and second, the quality of this version (see Wharf's post below) is a GREAT improvement over the versions I had heard at various times in the 70s, 90s and then more recently around here...

The historical significance makes this one a must, so take some time to listen...lots of odd banter, of course, with lots of guests, welcome and otherwise.

I will say that StSt starts off VERY strangely and Jerry never recovers til they segue to MamaTried. The DS and HT are respectable, if uninspired.

Overall, I have to describe it as singularly LACKLUSTER rather than a full on train wreck. It's just too bad that the boys couldn't take a show like 10-12-68 or 12-29-68 and substitute them for the 67 MontPopFestival or this Woodstock show, but somehow, it seems like they wouldn't have been the band we love if that was the case, eh?

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Poster: WHARFRAT Date: Nov 20, 2008 5:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Woodstock revisited...Hey Wharf!

Glad you took some time to listen WT. These upgrades are definetly well worth a listen. Have to agree, Imagine if they would have pulled off a 12-29-68 at Woodstock? But, Im pretty sure they weren't getting shocked every time they touched a mic or tried to plug in on 12-29.

Also prior to Woodstock, Do you think they ever played before a crowd that large? Mont.Pop.Fest. was huge but was it as big a crowd as Woodstock? Remember they were only playing in auditoriums before small crowds prior to both.

Over all Lackluster performance? Yes.
A train wreck? No way! I'm sure no one complained about thier performance at this show at the time. Sure would have been nice to see/hear Jerry do that Too from 12-29-68 at Woodstock. People would have been talking more about the GD
and Jerry instead of Hendrix to this day. (MAYBE,MAYBE NOT)
Like you said, For historical purposes, this is a must add
to the collection. Also have to dig some of the banter as well as the guy from the audience who yells Sit down douche bag prior to DS.

Now, If only we had that time machine that could take us back to any show we wanted to, I'm sure 95% of all who post here would go to this show, But you my brother Tell,
Might not ever get out of 1968 and never make it to this show ;) Not that thats a bad thing LOL.

And I, for one, am truly grateful for all these new sources
and new shows that are popping up. We do have our own time machine right here.

Cheers~ Wharf

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Poster: William Tell Date: Nov 20, 2008 7:08am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Woodstock revisited...Hey Wharf!

Yep--though Mont was smaller, it does seem clear that the boys had some issue with "the big time"...they way they played at these two show cases, even allowing for the weather and stage probs at Wood, suggest that collectively, or a few key individuals, perhaps had some "stage fright" issues? As strange as that sounds for the laid back intellectuals that they were, and given the light hearted banter, esp at Wood, how could that have been true--that they were a little freaked by the size of the crowd and the significance of show casing their product?

Clearly, though, they all talked about being comfortable in their "home and family" environment, so maybe that indicates they WERE thinking about it?

Think of how 12-29-68 and 10-12-68 were small shows, one in Florida (outside? not at "home" but no one would care if they screwed up, right?), one at the Avalon when they didn't have everyone (PP), and thus in both instances, they might have been thinking "what's it matter--lets just play" and then they do some amazing things when it really doesn't matter...

Maybe they had to have that "comfort": we do our best when it's not really a concern if we don't...

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Poster: WHARFRAT Date: Nov 20, 2008 8:08am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Woodstock revisited...Hey Wharf!

Indeed, Lets just play. Most of the shows I attended they
were always a little rough at the start. But once they got into that comfort zone WOW! As I look back through the years,
Especially say the late 80's WTF? 6 or 7 song first sets??
Then they come back with some blazing 15 or 16 songs in the
second set. Sound issues and Jerry flubs the first few lines
to a tune at the begining of a show But, for the most part by the 3rd song Jerry and the boys had it all together. And a good time was had by all :) Oh well, back to the early years
where 6 or 7 tunes lasted well over an hour :)